Monday, July 19, 2004

Hrecommended:  My Best of Ann Arbor Food for 2004

The alphabetical order by venue is intentional.  All of these places have more going for them than just the items I've chosen to highlight.

American Spoon -- Best Ice Cream
Belle Italia -- Best Pasta, Salad and Bread
Cafe Verde -- Best Health Food
California Pizza Kitchen -- Best Pizza, Best Service
Dimo's -- Best Ground Round
Big Boy, Lohr Rd. -- Best Chain, Best Service
Kebab Palace -- Best Middle Eastern
Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger -- Best Slider
Northside Grill -- Best Breakfast
La Fiesta Mexicana -- Best Mexican (try the Enchiladas Verdes and Corn Flan)
Mediterrano -- Best Haute Cuisine
Panera Bread -- Best Chain Quick Casual (tie with Qdoba)
Paradise -- Best Asian (tie)
Quizno's -- Best Subs
Qdoba -- Best Chain Quick Casual (tie with Panera Bread)
Red Hawk -- Best Bar Food and Best non-Beer tap (try the hard ciders and root beer)
Red Hot Lovers -- Best Hotdogs (try a Serious Dog)
Szechaun West -- Best Asian (tie) (still the benchmark Hunan Chicken in town)
Totoro -- Best Sushi (tie with Yotsuba)
Uptown Coney -- Best Club Sandwich
Yotsuba -- Best Sushi (tie with Totoro)
Zingerman's Bakehouse -- Best Bread, Best Pastries

No winners for: Best BBQ, Best Chili, Best Home-style Desserts, Best Fish and Chips, Best Smoke-free Place to Have a Beer, Best Indian, Best German, Best Tapas, Best Cuban, Best Diner, Best Chain Fast Food

Gone but not forgotten: Mr. Rib, Latdior, Philly's, Original 60's Sub Shop, Rio Bravo, Zydeco


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At 10:09 AM, Blogger Dave New said...

My daughter and I sought out HinoDae (sp?) during this year's (2006) art fair. She remembered the little Japanese fast food place as a good place to get noodles/rice in a plastic bowl, with soup, etc.

Imagine our surprise to see Totoro in its place, with (I believe) the original husband/wife team, this time as chef and hostess.

We had a good meal, ordering our more familiar fare (oyako udon, miso, tea) and despite the fancier earthen bowels, etc., it was still the same good food we remember.


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