Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Hrecommended: The 2003 H-list*

Here's my take on possible holiday gifts for 2003:

Swiss Army Knives like the Midnite Minichamp (just don't take them on the plane)
Seiko Kinetic Watches -- never needs a battery and new ones (Auto Relay models) run for months off the wrist
XM or Sirius Satellite Radio receivers -- I recommend the Delphi SkiFi unit for XM
Utne Reader subscription
College Music Journal subscription -- a CD full of new artists every month
Peace Buttons -- great stocking stuffer
Canon Elph Digital Cameras -- small size and great pictures
Sketchbooks and Journals -- sometimes a gluestick, scissors and a fistful of pencils works better than ColdFusion
Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams -- what to do with those blank pages
Newer vintage gel pens -- I like Uni-ball's Vision Elite model
Netflix -- movies and no late fees
Great Arrow Greeting Cards -- silkscreened and stunning
LED flashlights -- in addition to ones I've mentioned in previous entries, the Glo-Toob is an interesting product

*after Oprah's O-list


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