Friday, October 31, 2003

Hresolved: David Stringer's Half-a-Handy Hour and other lost shows

When I first moved to Michigan in 1979, I stumbled across a CBC show on tools, how they work and other science quips. The show had a wonderfully practical and irreverant attitude largely due to the host's relaxed and matter-of-fact delivery of information. Unfortunately, I could remember the name of the show but not the host's. David Stringer was the creator of Half-a-Handy hour and as it turns out, a whole set of shows on science and ecological topics. I can only hope that David will eventually be able to sell DVDs of the series.

While we're on the topic of lost or hard to find Canadian Television, why are there no episodes of Stephen Yan's (NOT Martin) "Wok with Yan" show. Stephen would hit maximum wok pun level in the first five minutes of the show.


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