Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Hrecommended: LED flashlights

I've added three new LED flashlights to my collection. Two are from Inova and one from Princeton Technologies. The PrincetonTec Attitude is a 4 AAA 3-led flashlight with a twist on switch. Inova sells their X5, five LED flashlight with white, blue and ultraviolet LEDs. The X5 uses a twist on as well as an instant on button. The X5 runs on 2 Lithium cells. Finally there is the strangely designed, but very functional 24/7 which has 8 leds! The 24/7 had four white leds, 2 red and 2 yellow. Turning the dial activates various combinations, intensities and blinking patterns. I particulary like the low and high white beam settings, the red setting is great for preserving night vision and the alternating red/yellow strobe. The 24/7 uses a single lithium cell for power. For more flashlights and reviews checkout the LED Museum.


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