Monday, May 05, 2003

Hreported: HP 12-C Platinum edition

The 12-C Financial calculator is the sole survivor of the credit card form factor HP adopted for a time. My personal favorite was the HP 16C, which was the computer scientist model. A few others models were available. After years of use by loan officers, car salesman, and other unlikely fans, the 12-C has been refreshed and supports algeabraic entry (RPN is still there, too). At the pinnacle of the calculator wars, the mecca for the best in HP calculators, accessories and books was EduCalc. The new EduCalc referenced here is a Singapore-based business that has none of the zeal of the original business. Here's a link to more on the new platinum edition and how it stacks up against the previous 12-c and the hp 10Bii. I was a big fan of the original 10b (it was substantial cheaper than the 12). The 10b ii appears to be a thrifted version.


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