Monday, April 28, 2003

Hramblings to the Ann Arbor News: Dan Burden visits Brighton not Ann Arbor

Imagine my surprise when I read in the Ann Arbor News that Walkable Communities director Dan Burden was planning a trip to Michigan, but that the meeting was with Brighton city government. As the recent announcement mentions, Mr. Burden is an authority on making walkable, bikable cities. Ann Arbor has struggled with creating and filling the alternative transportation coordinator position. During the recent upgrading of sidewalks and lighting around the Liberty, State, Maynard area, no effort was made to accomodate bicyclists during construction and the new racks appeared very slowly. These upgrades preceed the return of two way traffic on these streets. I have concerns that this decision will be at the expense of walkers and bikers.

Since Mr. Burden will not be reviewing Ann Arbor's progress during his visit, I'll make a few of the suggestions that he would: where walkers and cars come into conflict, ensure that cross walks are clear, speed and yield-while-turning laws are enforced, consider dis-allowing right turn on red at some intersections, and give some thought to lighting the walk signals before the green light to give walkers a head start. Make reasonable trade-offs between car volume and wider lanes that leave room for bikers, offer sufficient covered safe bike parking, and require cars and bikers to share the road responsibly.


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