Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Hruminations: What happened to men's boots?

One of the things that has disappeared from the retail scene in Ann Arbor is a store that sells boots. I don't mean hiking or work boots. We're talking cowboy boots. Where are the riders and ropers? You'd think that Tony Lama and Frye would have a place in Ann Arbor, but such is not the case. I wonder when it happened? It seems like it's only been a few years since I stopped wearing them. On more careful reflection, it has been about twenty years since I put my last pair of dress boots out to pasture. These gave way to Bass Penny Loafers, Sperry Topsiders, and Rockports. For most of my tweens and teens, I wore some sort of cowboy boots. Usually something by Dingo or Frye, although in 8th grade I remember a truly horrific pair of Levi-branded boots that had jean uppers and blue suede lowers. I was elected student body president wearing these things. Draw your own conclusions.

Mule Skinner boots is still in business, but has moved from Ann Arbor to Chelsea, MI. The other local option is Jacobs Boots & Saddles in Belleville.


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