Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hroad trips 2009

In defiance of local conventions, we generally leave town on football Saturdays. Grad school has also conspired to limit my travel so car trips seem to fit the schedule better.
  • Bloomington, Indiana (a surprisingly good foodie city. Farm and Restaurant Tallent were inexpensive and very good)
  • South Haven (shortest drive to pounding surf, give Tello's carbonara a try)
  • Baltimore -->Annapolis --> Centreville (substitute crab for spam in the Python bit)
  • Traverse City. The Cooks House and Patisserie Amie are great. Trattoria Stella was also very good.
  • Grand River from Brighton to East Lansing. Stopped by the Fabric Gallery in Williamston. Sadly, Mason's ice cream spot, Turtle Tom's, was closed for the season.
  • The Parshallville Cider Mill in Parshallville, MI. Our annual donuts and apples run.
  • DIA->Detroit Urban Craft Fair->Slow's BBQ
  • Napoleon Cafe -- Classic diner food and homestyle desserts in Napoleon, MI
  • Mike's Deli -- Chelsea's sandwich shop. Try a Ruebenesque or a Stingray.

Some local events kept us in town in spite of the football fans:


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