Monday, April 27, 2009

Hramblings: Buddy can you spare a tire?

In the old days, you had a spare tire that was part of the tire rotation loop. Over time this was replaced by a temporary spare that was only used to get you to the repair facility. There are a smattering of run-flat options that feature a stiffened side-wall and/or an internal rubber support on the wheel.

More recently we've seen inflators with tire sealant replacing spare tires. These can work well (not to mention saving weight and storage space), but there are a few things to remember. If you have a puncture from an object that didn't stay in the tire, the air loss can be faster than the inflator can deal with. One option is to reposition the car so that the puncture is on or close to the ground. This will help slow the leak and get the sealant in the best position to flow through the puncture.

In any event, you should know what flat tire repair system you have in your car, where its stored and how to use it. If the lug wrench provides too little leverage for you there are after market X-wrenches and electric lug wrenches that plug in to a power-point. Consider road service coverage on your insurance. Think about a backup system if you make long trips or are a long distance between repair facilities.


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