Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hredux: the media diet continues...

I've replaced reading the Christian Science Monitor, slashdot, and NPR directly with using the bloglines RSS reader. You can check out my blogroll and some of the things that have caught my eye at Hraw materials.

The Ann Arbor News, watching FYI on Ann Arbor cable access and reading the Ann Arbor Observer monthly have survived the year as a way to get local news.

No local or national television news has made it back. I still watch Bill Moyer's NOW on PBS and CBS Sunday morning.

The 80 hour buffer on the Tivo still seems to be the ticket for watching LESS television.

No Detroit FM radio stations have made the cut for finding music. College Music Journal, Paste and Yahoo's Launch seem to generate the most finds. iTunes is gaining on them. Their recommendations are pretty thin at this writing. I still listen to XM's "Beyond Jazz" but "Beyond" seems to sounding mighty familiar.