Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Technical Meritocracy?

Today I am mouring the death of videoguide. This was a pager network based electronic program guide. Its been years since they merged with StarSight and Gemstar. My StarSight replacement unit still works and is lightly supported (meaning they bill for and deliver service), but I'm still stuck between the relatively inexpensive StarSight and a Tivo/ReplayTV. StarSight's around $40 a year and a Tivo is $12.95 a month. It's hard to make the leap.

In other news, I have become one of the Cable Modem elite (after about 25 years of dialup) and I have my Home RF network still bumbling along. I'm hoping that by the time I outgrow the Home RF network, WiFi will be dirt cheap.

I did make the leap of installing an IEEE firewire port in my home XP machine and buying a 10gig iPod. I'm very pleased with its design and the ease of use.


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