Friday, March 30, 2007

Hramblings: Where the son-in-law roams...not!

My father-in-law, at least from a cell phone perspective, lives in the middle of nowhere. His place is covered by two CellularOne towers which are 850mhz GSM. That's it...for miles. My wife and I have Verizon phones which are CDMA. As a result, when one of us travels there, we have zero cell phone coverage. Not bad coverage...none.

I thought it might be handy to have a GSM phone for times when we head up there. I figured that there were pay-as-you go GSM providers that had roaming agreements with other carriers. It turns out that you can get a Prepaid GSM phone from Cingular (the Gophone), but that CellularOne does not exchange roaming charges with anyone. It seems the only option is to get a prepaid phone there (which would be locked to CellularOne or get an unlocked GSM quadband phone (and buy units from CellularOne).



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