Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hramblings: Animal rights activists sleep through the wildfires

Back in March of 2006, a series of wildfires swept through the Texas Panhandle scorching nearly a million acres of range land and killing 11 people. Inexplicably, very little has been written about the thousands of horses and cattle that were killed in the fire, survived with injuries and are in locations with lost forage. Less than six months after Katrina separated thousands from their pets due to contradictory rules on whether they could be evacuated, its hard for me to understand how this many animals could be lost without some investigation. I'm not saying that anything improper was done, but very little prescriptive was published on why the losses were this high, what could be done in the future, etc. Texas A&M has a short post on caring for surviving animals, but PETA and the various Humane Societies seem to have been silent on the matter.


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