Monday, July 21, 2008

Hramblings: The Briarwood Report

Briarwood's grasp of economic theory always seems to me a little suspect. Today was no exception. Coming soon to the center court: a pretzel place, within a few steps of an existing pretzel place. For those just joining the discussion, this is similar to the hot dog place going in across the hall from another hot dog place. Or the ink cartridge filling business right outside one of their anchor stores. Or the massage kiosk that has taken over 1/3 of one of the seating areas. Or the Apple store with an eyebrow tweezing business in front of it. Or...

I can remember when the old Arborland devolved into having a karate studio, a church and a food court with a place we nicknamed "Cup of Pizza" because of the way the cheese and toppings slid off the crust when you foolishly picked it up.

Update: I stumbled across an interesting website, DeadMalls, on the decline of malls across the country. Several of my old haunts have disappeared including the Richland Mall in Johnstown, PA; the Northtown Mall in Toledo; and the Wonderland Mall in Garden City, MI.

Update2: Kerby's cross-hall rival, Dollar Dogs has closed it doors

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hreviews: Hancock (***/5)

The premise is an attractive one: a superhero with a serious personality disorder. The three leads (Smith, Theron, Bateman) do a very nice job with their characters, but things slowly unravel in the third act. Worth a look for folks looking for a unique character treatment, but I'd wait until its available as a rental.